Dry Offset Rectangular Container Printing Machine

Model R-DO-7

General Features:

  • Up to 7 colors - dry offset
  • The maximum speed limit is 7000 piece per hour
  • UV Drying system
  • Corona treatment on mandrel

The printable container dimensions:

  • Max. height of the container for printing : 150 mm
  • Max. taper of the container : 7°
  • Min. corner radius : 10mm

The print dimensions:

  • Max. print height : 120 mm
  • Max. print Length: 550 mm

Dimensions of the machine:

  • Weight: 3500 kg

This machine, which was designed and manufactured entirely in AzarSayan Machinery Company, offers high speed, excellent quality, and long-lasting durability in 7 colors. It can be used for printing on various square and oval containers, including food and dairy containers.