DO-6: Five Color Dry Offset Plastic Cup Printing Machine

General Features

  • This machine has been made with 4, 5 and 6 colors
  • Maximum production speed up to 20000 PCS/hr
  • Maximum diameter of cup: 130mm
  • UV drying system on mandrel
  • The bank of the cup is capable to be installed on the machine if required

Machine Dimensions

  • Height: 256cm
  • Length: 350cm
  • Width: 190cm

Special Specifications

  • Easy regulation, reasonable price, remote controlling of the machine through modem.

    A very reasonable price, and also the most inexpensive dry offset cup printer in the world, one twentieth of the European machine price, one tenth of the Japanese ones' price. Cup printer factories, having purchased this machine, and reliance on Azar Sayan, have made other important trades with us.

    These machines have operated as an entrance key to the factories which have formerly purchased very expensive machines.

    While designing the machines, we, continuously, apply changes in order to use the latest facilities and modern technologies such as CNC laser cut machine and other types of CNC machines; while the speed of the parts has increased, the time and price has been decreased.

    One of the other reasons for price decrease, is that we ourselves manufacture the most expensive parts of the machine that is very fast indexer.

    The last reason for the inexpensiveness of the machine is the low wage of workforce comparing to the other countries in which cup printer machines are being produced.

    The purpose lying behind the design of this machine was that without declination of print quality, a machine with low price is produced, with the most reliable performance. Design simplicity and complexity avoidance in mechanism in order to less repair needs and working contentiously, were of other purposes for designing DO-6 machines.

    One year full guarantee shows that we completely trust DO-6 machine performance.

    The machine shown in the video is the old version of DO-6. In the newer versions some more innovations are added to the machine in order to increase the machine applicability.

    A Short Stop for Cliché Change
    Providing two plate cylinders for the machine, you can supply the other cliché on the spare cylinder without turning the print machine off; right after the first printing job finishes, with changing the cliché in a few minutes, you can start the machine.

Six Color Dry Offset Cup Printing Machine


Watch video of this cup printing machine